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How To Give Your Prospects, Customers And Media Outlets What They Really Want

how content marketing can put you in the spotlight

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Quest For Information

Johann Sebastian Bach’s first biographer, Forkel, tells a very interesting story that happened when Bach was young.

You see, Johann Sebastian discovered that his brother had a special book of compositions in his music cabinet.

A special book he couldn’t resist. Why?

It was filled with compositions by some of the more established composers of that day.

They were composers such as Pachelbel, Froberger, Bohm, and Buxtehude.

He wanted to borrow the book, but for some reason his brother wouldn’t let him.

Maybe Johann Christoph was reserving those pieces for his own study or performances and he didn’t want his talented younger brother to perfect the works first.

For whatever ever reason, he wouldn’t let Johann Sebastian see it.

Maybe that’s what made Johann Sebastian want the book even more.

He wanted it so badly he decided he’d secretly take it.

In the middle of the night, when everyone else in the house was asleep, Johann Sebastian crept down to sneak the anthology from the cabinet.

He took it to his room and began to copy it by moonlight!

It took him six months, but he did it.  He was so happy. 

That is until Johann Christoph found out about it… and promptly took his copied volume.  

Johann Christoph was so upset that Johann Sebastian did not get the book back until his brother died almost a quarter-century later.


The Search for Information Still Continues

Information is the one thing that your prospects and customers are both seeking right now.

Probably, right now, as you are reading this post they are in search for some information that is as valuable to them as that book was to Johann Sebastian.

They probably aren’t searching for you, but they do want that information that has to do with your industry and the solutions you provide.

And guess what?

The person or business who presents that information to them in the most clear, engaging, and powerful way will win their attention and be one step closer to winning their business and loyalty.


The Good News And The Bad News

The good news is that you probably already know more than enough to provide the information your prospects and customers are looking for.

The bad news is that there are a ton of other people who can provide it too.

Guess who wins?

The one who provides the information in the most entertaining and engaging way.

If that’s you, then they will be back for more information. And over time they will begin to know, like and trust you.

Do you know who people prefer to buy from? That’s right.

Someone (or some business) they know like and trust.


More Good News 

But wait. There’s more good news.

Great content is not just desired by your prospects and customers.

It’s also desired by the media outlets in your niche.

But they aren’t looking for great content to consume it.

They want to be the source that provides it.

That means that the magazines, websites, and blogs in your industry are searching for people and businesses who can create great content.

The person or business who can create great content will be given the spotlight in these media outlets.


Do You Realize What This Means To You?

That means that if you can learn to create informative, engaging, and entertaining content, then you be able to attract prospects and build loyalty with your customers.

You will be re-positioned in your prospects and customer’s minds.

You won’t just be another business selling the same product or service.

You will be an expert in their eyes.  

But wait there’s more.

If you learn how to create  informative, engaging, and entertaining content, then you will have a greater chance of being featured in your industry’s top media outlets.

And that will put you in front of more prospects and increase your expert status even more.

That is the real power of content marketing.

That is why I am constantly telling you how important it is.


Your Choice

Content isn’t rare these days.

It’s not all in one bound book like in Bach’s day.

It’s everywhere. In fact, in some ways content has become a commodity.

But great content is rare and still valuable to people.

Your one choice is to learn everything you can about how to create great content.

It is one of the things that can help you and your business stand out in this information society.

It will help you to attract prospects, customers, and the media outlets in your industry.


The Little-Known Methods Influential Content Creators Use

I can teach you the little-known methods influential content creators use to craft content that is powerful and effective.

I have spent the last 2o years in the trenches learning to prepare and present powerful content.

I have taken those lessons and used them in creating content online.


You can see some more samples of my writing here:

What Experts Have Said About My Ability To Create Engaging Content

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What You Can Learn Right Now

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