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People Vs Profits And The Unforgettable Farmer (VIDEO)

The chaos and craziness that went down on Wall Street and the collapse of the real estate market in 2008 were not because Capitalism is a bad thing.

They happened because of greed, NOT because of Capitalism.

How did this greed take place?

I can’t prove this, but my guess is that profits took precedence over people.

What you’re about to see in the video below is the exact opposite of this.

Johnny, The Friend Of Farmers

This video really got me.

The guy in it sort of stutters at the beginning and seems like there is no way he’s going to get an offer.

But his good heart and “people over profits” perspective pays off in the end.

Just when you think he’s not going to get a deal one of the sharks responds in a surprising way.

And what this farmer says in the end leaves all the “sharks” (even Kevin!) almost in tears.

Always Err On The Side Of “People”

I love this video. I’ve watched it multiple times and love it more each time.

I love his expression of surprise when they ask why he doesn’t charge more.

And I love his answer, “But they’re farmers!

Now don’t get me wrong. Profits aren’t bad. Every business needs them if they want to stay in business.

But “people” are the other missing side of the equation that some business owners should never forget.

You want to have make sure you have enough profits, so that your business can provide for you, your employees, investors, etc. You want to have enough for marketing, expansion, etc.

But you have to guard yourself against greed or it will all come crashing down around you like it did in 2008.

I’ll be honest.

Johnny probably needs to learn how to gain a little more profit for his business, so it can be more stable and expand.

But at least he’s erring on the right side.

If you are going to err, make sure to err on the side of “people”.


P.S. The video quality isn’t the best, but it’s the best one I could find of this segment of the show.

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