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The Main Problems and Solutions You Will Need to Understand to Succeed in 2014 (VIDEO)

There aren’t a million different things you need to know to succeed in 2014.

I would suggest their are just a relatively few problems and solutions you need to master.

Watch the video to learn more…

The Transcript Video

Jim Rohn one said something very powerful about success.

He said, “Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.”

Did you catch that? Success is the NATURAL Consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.

If you apply the basic fundamentals, success is a natural consequence.


Fundamental Solutions and Problems

Well, I have another little-known truth that expands this concept.

There aren’t just fundamentals solutions.

There are fundamentals challenges that all businesses experience.

I began thinking about these challenges as I began consulting various businesses.

It didn’t take long for me to begin to notice that there are very similar challenges that any/every business faces – no matter what product or service they sell.

I also believe that successful businesses in any arena are successful BECAUSE they have overcome these challenges.

You might think this kind of thinking can’t possibly be true.

You might think it sounds too simplistic.

You think I must not really understand your business or your situation.

Oh really?

Think about this…

The Army

What do they call the key training that every soldier goes through?

Basic Training.

It presents the same key problems and their common solutions to each new recruit.

According to Wikipedia Basic Training is divided into two parts:

Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training.

Basic Combat Training (BCT) consists of the first ten weeks of the total Basic Training period, and is identical for all Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard recruits.

What happens during BCT?

This is where individuals learn about the fundamentals of being a soldier, from combat techniques to the proper way to address a superior.

What about Advanced Individual Training phase of the training?

Advanced Individual Training (AIT) consists of the remainder of the total Basic Training period, and is where recruits train in the specifics of their chosen field. As such, AIT is different for each available Army career path, or Military Occupational Specialty (MOS).

The thing I want you to understand is that the complexity of warfare can be broken down to common problems and common solutions. Understanding and mastering these common problems and common solutions is the key to winning the battle.

But this isn’t just true when it comes to warfare.

Martial Arts

When I took martial arts there were important things you had to learn at the beginning of your training.

And these important things weren’t just things you had to learn at the beginning of your training.

They were things we practiced at the beginning of every class?

What were these important things?

The basics!

We learned common attacks (problems) and common defenses (solutions).


This is also true when it comes to football.

What does every football player learn and focusing on regularly during their practices?

The basics!

They learn the common offense and common defense plays.

The thing I want you to understand is that in just about every basic arena and field in life there are common problems and solutions.

Business Is No Different

The business realm is no different.

You might feel like your problems in business are unique to you, but the reality is that they are really not.

If you can discover what these basic fundamental challenges are and learn the basic fundamental solutions are, and begin to apply these to your business, then success will become the natural consequence.

If you don’t discover these fundamentals, then success will continue to elude you.

Did you hear that?

The Key to Your Success in 2014

The key to experiencing success in 2014 is dependent of your understanding the fundamental challenges and implementing the common solutions to those challenges.

When you do that, success will be the natural consequence.

And the good news is that these fundamentals are not numerous or complex.

There are only 9 challenges you must understand and overcome.

Stay Tuned to Learn the First Challenge

I’ll share the first common challenge that every successful must overcome tomorrow.

Until then, leave a comment.

Share any other areas of life can you think of that have common problems and common solutions?


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