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Story: ThanksLIVING And The Most Effective Prescription Known

story of the power of gratitude and thankfulness

I came across a story that writer Arthur Gordon  told about asking a physician friend of his for the name of the most effective prescription he knew of.

The physician responded, “Well, I’ll tell you, a colleague of mine once had a woman patient who suffered from depression. It got to the point where she stayed at home all the time, listless, apathetic, indifferent to just about everything. The usual medications didn’t seem to help.

“One day this doctor delivered a small package to the woman’s home. ‘I want you to take what’s in this package and spend ten minutes of every day looking through it at some object in this room.‘”

What was in the package?

It might seem strange, but in the package there was a very strong magnifying glass.

The woman took the magnifying glass and used it as prescribed.

She began looking through it at the incredible details of the fabric on her sofa. She was amazed at what she saw!

Then she examined the veins in a flower plucked from her garden, the color dots in an old photograph, and even the texture of her own skin.

That’s when something surprising happened.

She began to get well because the doctor and his ‘prescription’ had aroused the most power of all emotions: gratitude.


Thanksgiving is over, but what if we decided to keep living with thankfulness?

What if you changed Thanksgiving from  just a day and made it a way of living what my friend Steve calls “Thanksliving”?

How could that prescription change your life?

The only way to find out is to give it a try! 🙂


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