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6 Embarrassing Things You Do (And Don’t Worry You’re Not Alone)

There are certain things we all do – whether we admit it or no.

Things like checking ourselves out when we walk by a mirror. (Ok, maybe that’s just me. 🙂 )

Check out this post called “6 Embarrassing Things You Do—and Why” by Kathy Benjamin and discover what embarrassing things you know you do…

Embarrassing things we all do

“Admit it: You’ve done at least one of these things before. Turns out, there’s a scientific explanation for why.


“We’ve all been there. You’ve just done something stupid and reprimand yourself out loud or are asking yourself a question when someone walks in the room. Suddenly you look like a crazy person. But talking to yourself is not only insanely common (we all do it at least every couple days, and some people every hour) but it can be a sign of good things. Students who talk to themselves tend to do better at school. Studies show it keeps you more focused and alert. Despite this, we are trained not to engage in ‘private speech.’ While young children talk to themselves constantly, it drops off once they start attending school, because adults tell them to stop.”

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