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26 Experts Reveal Their Marketing Predictions For 2014

We’re at that point of the year again.

It’s time to learn from our wins and mistakes from 2013 and it’s time to prepare for all that 2014  has in store.

Check out this article called “2014 Digital Trends And Predictions From Marketing Thought Leaders” by Ekaterina Walter and discover the trends that 26 experts predict will take place in the marketing world next year…

2014 marketing trends and predictions

“What will 2014 bring and what should organizations and individuals expect from the continued digital revolution? These marketers provide their thought-provoking expert opinions.

Nancy Bhagat, Vice President of Marketing Strategy at Intel    

“We are going to see a huge increase in location-based marketing.  With the rapid proliferation of devices, and the explosion of the Internet of Things, people will be carrying, utilizing, and depending on their devices more than ever.  As part of the increased dependency, there is an increased expectation of services and personalization.”

Michael Brenner, Vice President of Global Marketing at SAP        

“The social, mobile web has digitized information and allowed us all to connect with anyone, anywhere. When we need information, we can find it instantly. But digital disruption is about more than just information…”

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