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The Inside Story Of One Of The Most Famous Baseball Pitchers Of The 1900s (EBOOK)

In honor of the 2014 baseball season, I thought some of you would really like to take a peak at this ebook.

Free Ebook: Pitching In A Pinch: Or, Baseball From The Inside

This free book from 1912 that was written by Christy Mathewson.

Photo by Wikipedia

Photo by Wikipedia

Who Was He?

The baseball hall of fame describes him like this…

“As charismatic and popular as any player in the early 1900s, the college-educated Christy Mathewson won 373 games over 17 seasons, primarily for the New York Giants. Using his famous fadeaway pitch, Matty won at least 22 games for 12 straight years beginning in 1903, winning 30 games or more four times. A participant in four World Series, Mathewson’s lone title came in 1905 when he tossed three shutouts in six days against the Athletics. He set the modern National League mark with 37 wins in 1908.”

NOTE: He was posthumously inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame as one of the “Five Immortals.”


Listen to this description of him from the introduction to this book itself…

“Besides being a national hero, Matty is one of the closest students of baseball that ever came into the Big League. By players, he has long been recognized as the greatest pitcher the game has produced. He has been pitching in the Big Leagues for eleven years and winning games right along.

“His great pitching practically won the world’s championship for the Giants from the Philadelphia Athletics in 1905, and, six years later, he was responsible for one of the two victories turned in by New York pitchers in a world’s series again with the Athletics.

“At certain periods in his baseball career, he has pitched almost every day after the rest of the staff had fallen down. When the Giants were making their determined fight for the championship in 1908, the season that the race was finally decided by a single game with the Cubs, he worked in nine out of the last fifteen games in an effort to save his club from defeat. And he won most of them. That has always been the beauty of his pitching—his ability to win.”

3 Ways to Read It Right Now for Free

1. Read it online here in a text and picture format.

2. Read it online here in more of a book styled format here. (No E-reader needed.)

3. Read it in a Kindle version or other versions (From the Project Guetenberg website).


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