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Information Overload And The Invention Of Blog Post “Reruns” And “Marathons”

Things Are Getting Out of Hand

We are at an interesting time in history.

Andy Greenhaw says, “New data suggests that 1.2 Zettabytes (1.3 trillion gigabytes) is now stored in cyberspace – which amounts to 339 miles of fully-loaded iPads stacked to the sky.” created a powerful infographic that shows how much data is created every minute.

Here are just a few of the mind-blowing facts that their infographic shares about what happens on the internet every minute:


  • YOUTUBE: 48 hours are uploaded every minute.
  • EMAILS: 201,166,667 emails are sent every minute.
  • WORDPRESS: 347 new blog posts are published every minute.

There is so much data that we can never consume it all!

This has got me thinking.

Here at BBH we usually post one new post every weekday in the summer and two new posts every weekday for the rest of the year.

There are some posts that some of you will never see, even if you subscribe to get our updates by email.

(*If you haven’t subscribed yet, you should! An email is automatically sent every time we have twelve new posts up on the site. Plus you’ll also receive our occasional email newsletter with additional content.)

You’ll be too busy, distracted, forget to check the site, you’ll be offline that day, delete your email update, etc.

That means there will be some meaningful information that you will never see. It will basically be wasted content.


The Invention of the Blog Post “Rerun” and “Marathons”

how bloggers can handle problem of content overload

Cable TV has realized that the same problem exists on TV.

How do they handle it? 

They do this in two ways:

1. They show “reruns”.

This allows people who missed an episode to have a chance to see it.

It also allows people who enjoyed it the first time to see it again. (This helps them remember it on a deeper level.)

2. They have marathons.

This allow their audience to consume one genre, show or topic over an extended time period of time.

They use this to build a new audience for a show, build interest, or simply to please the audience who already loves that genre, show, or topic.


*The networks don’t STOP presenting new shows. They just do all of this in ADDITION to their new programming.


How BBH Reruns and Marathons Will Work

I’ve decided that this would be a really effective for me to handle content on this site.

We will continue to post new, interesting content on a regular basis.

But we will also occasionally feature “Rerun” posts (RRs) and “Marathon” weeks focusing on one topic or arena.

Let me know if you have any posts you’d love to see RR’d or any topics you’d want us to focus on for marathon weeks.

Stay tuned!


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