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Content Marketing Lesson: How a Furniture Maker Became a National Business Magazine…

Sometimes lessons can be discovered in the most surprising places.

I stumbled across a surprising one when I found out that a national magazine (that  you would instantly recognize) started out as an in-house publication. And it’s not just an interesting story. You’ll also learn some valuable content marketing lessons from it.

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furniture maker than used content marketing

I am about to share an incredible story about how a small furniture company’s in-house publication in the 1920s became a national magazine that is still recognized to this day. And within this story, you will discover five content creation lessons that can help you to dominate your industry.

How a small furniture publication became a national magazine

The Shaw-Walker Furniture Co. of Chicago created System magazine for its employees. Now, most in-house publications aren’t that great. In fact, most employees don’t even take the time to read them. But there was something special about System. Employees liked it so much that they shared it with people outside of the company who loved what they read.

Arch Wilkinson Shaw saw System as a new source of revenue. The magazine evolved to become System, The Magazine of Business with a broader appeal, and Shaw founded a publishing business, A.W. Shaw Company.

His idea worked. People subscribed to his new magazine and his circulation continued growing. But Shaw believed he could reach more people if he focused on unique groups of readers, so he broke his magazine into two monthly titles. System focused on office management-related information. The Magazine of Business focused on big business. Shaw did so well that his publishing company attracted the attention of McGraw-Hill, which purchased A.W. Shaw Company in 1928.

Two months before Black Friday in 1929, The Magazine of Business was relaunched as a weekly magazine called

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