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Could These 6 SEO Tips (Aimed At Actual Readers) Double Your Traffic?

Building a site, writing a blog post, or creating a video is great.

But if no one (or hardly anyone) ever sees them, then it’s really a waste of time.

Check out this post called “6 SEO Tips That Helped Us Double Our Blog Traffic In Less Than A Year” by KRISTINA CISNERO and learn some SEO tips that aren’t just focused on the search engines, but on the prospects and customers you are targeting….

seo, how to write content for search engines and people

“Writing for SEO is something many writers dread, because it’s a term associated with bad writing tactics like keyword stuffing. (SEO tips, SEO tips, read this for lots of great SEO tips! Classy, right?) Instead, writing for SEO truly starts with researching. By changing up our thinking and using search as a way to better understand our audience, we’ve managed to double our blog traffic in less than a year.

“SEO strategies change very often (too often, if you ask me), partially because Google changes all the time. So what worked a few years ago is now irrelevant. In the past, it was all about keywords, and where they were placed on and off your page. Of course, the technicalities of SEO such as keyword research, Alt tags, URL structure, meta description, link building, and header tags still matter. But, now it’s all about how much value your content is providing people. Google has made changes to make sure that the content ranking on its first page is more valuable and relevant to their users’ search intents.

“In this post, I’m going to share with you insider tips on what we do here at Hootsuite when creating content with search in mind. These SEO tips have helped us double our blog traffic and have helped us learn more about creating better content for our audience.

Tip #1: Know your audience

“You create content to be read by people, specifically your customers. So when you do, think about what kind of questions people are asking in the search engines. Then create content that answers those questions…”

Click here to continue reading and discover more about this first tip and the five others on…


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