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How to Offer the Employee “Perks” the Silicon Valley Tech Companies Offer Without Their Budget

Have you ever wished you could offer more employee perks that might attract better talent, but you didn’t think you had the budget to afford to? 

What if I told you it was possible?

Check out this article called How to Offer the Employee “Perks” the Silicon Valley Tech Companies Offer Without Their Budget by Will Bridges to learn how it’s possible…

how to offer employee perks like the tech companies do

Silicon Valley is home to some of the world’s most successful tech businesses, all offering bigger and better perks than most of us could dream of. While their massive budgets might stretch to millions and helicopter rides with the CEO are par for the course, there’s also a lot to learn from some of the benefits they offer. In fact many of the employee benefits offered by the companies housed in the infamous Silicon Valley don’t have to break the bank, and even the smallest business can take learn from and use them.

Fun And Games

While large companies like Zynga offer employees access to an onsite arcade, there are plenty of less costly ways for your employees to enjoy themselves during their lunch breaks. Providing games like table football, a pool table or, if there’s budget, a games console, won’t break the bank and will prove to be great fun for employees, helping them to take some downtime and unwind away from their desks.

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