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Search Content vs. Social Content: How to Get Your Content Found (SLIDE SHOW)

Creating valuable content is a very important thing that all businesses should focus on.

But creating content is only half the battle. The next step is getting it found and shared.

Check out this slide show below to learn some important concepts that will help you to get your content seen and improve its ROI…

Search Content vs. Social Content

search content vs. social content


One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when they first venture into content marketing is a lack of strategy. Often they adopt a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to their content marketing channels only to see their efforts dashed. The truth is what works on social media, does not necessarily work on search, and the reason usually boils down to how your audience uses these channels. Discover to how understanding audience’s intent on Search and on Social Media can help you build a holistic content marketing strategy that works.

In this presentation by Daniel Hochuli, you’ll learn:
– Why same content published on both search and social media often fails to deliver results.
– How to develop and optimise a content marketing strategy that best suits your digital channels.
– How to intelligently report content marketing success using audience metrics.

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