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24 Productivity Secrets of History’s Most Successful People (SLIDESHOW)

Everyone I know of wants to improve their productivity.

But being productive isn’t a new thing. For centuries, people have wanted to know how to be more productive.

The interesting this to me is that the methods that people have used throughout history have been very different.

productivity quote from mozart

The slide deck below is from SlideShare and is taken from an article that Steve Rushing wrote on Medium called 25 Daily Rituals Of History’s Most Successful…And What You Can Learn From Them.

That means if you want to know more about any of the quotes in the slide deck below, then go to Steve’s article to learn more.

EXCERPT from 25 Daily Rituals Of History’s Most Successful…And What You Can Learn From Them

“…So I resolved to learn what I could. Whether by studying their works, speeches, or styles. Yet what I often missed was how they lived. The day to day routines that made up far more of their lives than we witness outside their work.

It’s these routines I wanted to learn about, and emulate. The true “lifehacks.” Because that’s how the sausage is made. The formula for success, as evidenced by history. The daily writing session, the refreshing bath in the Potomac River, or even the solitude in the mountains.

I wanted to learn to make myself better by their example. And to share it with my readers. So I turned to Mason Currey’s Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, and never looked back.

Here’s what I learned…”

24 Productivity Habits of Successful People

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