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This Is What Happens When You Don’t Drink Water (VIDEO)

facts about drinking water video

A few years back, I realized that there was a very high chance that I’ve been walking around most of my life dehydrated – and I didn’t even know it.

So from that moment, I’ve been much more focused on drinking water.

  • But how much water do we actually need?
  • Why do we need water?
  • Why do we have to drink so much water?
  • What ways can drinking water improve our health and help us feel better?

I found a great video that answers these questions and more.

Description of the Video

“Water is essentially everywhere in our world, and the average human is composed of between 55 and 60% water. So what role does water play in our bodies, and how much do we actually need to drink to stay healthy? Mia Nacamulli details the health benefits of hydration. “

What Would Happen If You Didn’t Drink Water?

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