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How Multitasking Is Hurting You and How to Stop It (INFOGRAPHIC)

Multitasking. We all do it, but do we realize how bad it is for our brains and our lives?

I have two things that will help you understand the real problem and also give you two solutions:

  1. The infographic below shows you the real problem and it also reveals some steps to take.
  2. One of the solutions the infographic mentions is meditation. I do think that Eastern meditation is a good thing for your life. I actually believe that a better option is what I would call “Hebrew Meditation.” This is part of something I call “The 3 Keys to Increased Focus, Efficiency, and Creativity.” If you want to know more about that, then check out the information about my “3 Keys” below this infographic.

millennials and multitasking

Infographic from BryanCollege


Story: The One Act That Ensures Complete Attention

There is an ancient story about attention that a man called “Pliny the Elder“, a Roman writer who lived during the same time period as Jesus, once told.

He told a story of the setting of a massive obelisk, which when erected would stand 99 feet tall.

It was such a monumental task that 20,000 workers where chosen to pull on the ropes and activate the hoisting apparatus.

There was great responsibility and risk in the operation.

It would just take one error and the obelisk would fall, which would ruin years of work.

The King demanded one act which insured the complete attention and best direction of the engineer.

What was the one act which could ensure this?

He ordered the engineer’s own son to be strapped to the apex of the obelisk, so that the engineer’s heart as well as his head would be given to the task.

What would it take to get YOUR absolute focused attention?

Click here to continue reading and learn about my The 3 Keys to Increased Focus, Efficiency, and Creativity.

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