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Your Facebook Image Size Cheatsheet (INFOGRAPHIC)

Facebook: A Tool for Businesses of All Sizes

Many people use Facebook as a way to connect with family and friends but it’s also a useful tool for businesses of all sizes.

With Facebook, you can promote your event, raise brand awareness, gain new clientele or customers and generate revenue.

Growing your online presence is an important part of running any business. However, if you don’t have the right images to accompany your Facebook posts, your social media footprint will suffer.

Facebook Image Size Cheatsheet

To help you keep up with Facebook, TechWyse created the below cheatsheet on Facebook image sizes.

This infographic is perfect for marketers, brand managers, designers and social media professionals because it gives them the information needed to craft eye-catching posts with the proper image dimensions and text ratios. 

Facebook Image Size Guidelines

Facebook has strict criteria about the size and dimensions for uploaded images.

Even the most adept social media professionals and graphic designers may have trouble meeting these criteria because they simply do not know about them.

Facebook is always updating their platform with the newest changes affecting image size and text character count. 

Facebook Does This If You Don’t Adhere to Their Guidelines

Did you know that Facebook will choose the center part of your image if you don’t adhere to their dimension guidelines?

This will impact the look of your image and throw off your entire post.

Also, promoted posts with more than 20% text may have a reduced reach on Facebook.

If you consult the infographic when creating your promoted posts, you won’t meet these problems and your ads, events and other content will reach more users.

The below Facebook image sizes cheatsheet can be downloaded, bookmarked and printed, letting you keep it handy when you work on your promoted posts and high-quality imagery.

When your images meet Facebook’s sizing criteria and your text doesn’t exceed 20% of the post’s overall total, you’ll be able to engage a wider audience.

Your Facebook Image Size Cheatsheet

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