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FREE 1-Hour Phone Consultation

If you’d like a FREE 1-hour consultation, then here are your two options:

  1. Call my Google Voice number (650) 539-5242 and leave your name, number and email address (please spell out your email).  
  2. Email me here.

Endorsements for My Consulting

Below are three testimonials about my free, 1-hour call…


“I first heard Scott Aughtmon on a local radio station interview. I was intrigued by his comments on surviving and prospering in a recession and decided to buy his books.”

“The books were outstanding but the extra special benefit I did not expect was an hour phone consultation with Scott. After providing Scott with answers to questions he asked about my business, I took full advantage of the hour call and included several of my Regional Directors. The hour flew by and Scott had great suggestions and insight to our business. We have implemented several of his recommendations and we have seen improvement.”

Scott is wealth of practical, modern knowledge and marketing knowhow and I highly recommend his services.

Bob Benowitz
Executive Vice President of Operations,
Primrose Schools Franchising Company

Our one hour call with Scott was invaluable to me and my team. Scott has clearly invested a significant amount of time in mastering the craft of marketing, applying insights based on his professional experience and exhaustive reading of the literature. In particular, his marketing diagnostic worksheet yielded several practical insights that my company can begin applying today to increase our brand credibility and online visibility. I plan to work with Scott in the future and would unhesitatingly recommend him to any company looking to bring onboard a marketing expert as part of their growth strategy.” 
 –Aaron Polhamus

“Scott spent one hour on the phone with our team, and I can honestly say that it was eye opening. Within one hour, Scott opened our eyes to new ways of gaining untapped revenue, shared some highly creative, practical, and low cost forms of marketing that we had never even heard of before, and gave us incredible free resources we never knew existed. We are so excited to begin implementing what we learned in one hour on the phone with Scott.”

I thought I was fairly savvy when it came to creative marketing, but I was blown away by how much new info Scott had in such a short amount of time. The one hour I spent on the phone with Scott was one of the most beneficial hours I’ve ever spent building my business, you can’t beat it.

Jason Calhoun

These are testimonials from a couple of my former clients…


“When you have been in business for at least 10 years sometimes you need a new perspective to reassess your assets and tap into hidden value. The time I spent with Scott was “spot-on” in helping me to see my business through his eyes, while offering diverse perspectives leading to increases in profit and exposure. I am grateful for Scott’s strategic insights.”

Sonya Denyse
Sonya On Huffington Post

“I’m probably the least likely person to start my own business: I don’t have the education, I
don’t have the experience; all I had was the idea.”

Scott has bridged the gap between my idea merely remaining a dream and it actually becoming a reality. He has walked me through the process step-by-step, allowing me to go at my own pace, but giving me the guidance required for success.

“Scott is a wealth of knowledge about starting businesses and crafting them to become
sustainable ventures.”

Over the past 6 months, I’ve developed a business plan, met with other small business owners, read several small business books, started a blog, drafted website content, and learned about content marketing. This journey has certainly been challenging for me, but I feel confident under Scott’s direction and excited for where my business will go.”

Allison Getty

Pre-Consultation Questionaire

NOTE: You will need to answer a 25 or so questions in my “Pre-Consultation Questionaire” by email before our call.

This will allow me to maximize our time and help me to see the areas I can help you the most.

After you leave your info on my GV#, I will email you with more details.