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This Is The Reason You Are Probably NOT Charging As Much As You Should
















Believe it or not, you probably could raise your prices and you wouldn’t see any negative affect on your business.  In fact, you’d have better margins and probably free yourself to be a better business owner.  Don’t believe this is true?

Check out this article called “You Are Too Sensitive To Your Own Pricing” by ANTHONY IANNARINO and see what I’m talking about…


“You can misunderstand your role in pricing. You can be too sensitive to your own pricing. And it will ruin your margin and your company’s ability to deliver value.

“How’d You Get Here?”

“Even when you do everything right and sell value instead of price, at the end of the dance, you are going to be asked to discount your pricing. Over time, you—and your company—have discounted your prices to win new clients. So often, in fact, that it has started to change the way you sell.”

“You now behave as if your prices are too high…”

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