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How The Supreme Court Health-care Ruling Could Affect Your Small Business

The Supreme Court will soon release its ruling on the constitutionality of Obama’s health care law.  Are you wondering how this will impact you as a business owner?

If you are, then check out this article called “What small business owners should know about each possible Supreme Court health-care ruling” by William H. Maruca to learn how their decision will affect you as a small business owner…


“The Supreme Court is set to release its ruling on the constitutionality of President Obama’s controversial health reform law, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), as early as this week. In addition to the highly divisive individual insurance mandate, the ACA contains a variety of provisions designed to broaden access to health insurance coverage, end perceived unfair insurance practices, bend the cost curve and modernize payment methods. Some of these changes have already kicked in.”

“Business owners are divided in their opinions of the ACA. A recent Small Business Majority survey indicated that only a third of small business owners it queried want the Supreme Court to overturn the Act, while at least half want to see it upheld with, at most, minor changes. Earlier, a Forbes survey suggested 78 percent of responding business owners oppose the law.”

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