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4 Restaurants Reveal Their Hard-Earned Lessons Gleaned From Marketing On Facebook







Sometimes the best people to learn from are the ones who have been “to the front lines and survived to talk about it.”

A great place to learn social media is from fellow small business owners who have used it and succeeded.

Check out this article called “[Q&A] 4 Restaurants Share the Lessons They Learned From Facebook” by BLAISE LUCEY and discover the lessons 4 restaurants have learned on Facebook…


“Last week, we interviewed four restaurants about how they use email marketing and mocked up a fancy group discussion about the topic.”

“Good news … we’re doing it again!”

“This week, we’re bringing together the owners of Galuppi’s (Pompano Beach, Florida), In A Pickle (Waltham, Massachusetts), Red Canoe Bistro (Burlington, Ontario), and Marisa Vallbona, the president of CIM Incorporated, the firm that helps market  Luna Grill (San Diego, California).”

“The topic? How each restaurant has been using social media and how other businesses can get started with these networks and use them effectively.”

“Are you involved with social media at all? When did you start those efforts?…”

Click here to continue reading and learn what 4 restaurants have learned from using Facebook on

Photo by Sean MacEntee

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