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Be Careful Not To Post These 12 Things On Facebook











Facebook is a fun way to connect with family, friends, and associates.  It can also be a great way to connect with prospects and customers.

But you need to be careful using it can backfire on you.

Check out this article called “12 Things You Should Never Post On Facebook” by Kim Phillips and learn some important things to remember when using Facebook…


“A lot of people have written about annoying social media habits, but evidently not enough.”

“In case you’re still unsure about what to post to Facebook, consult this list:”

“1. Disturbing photos: Pictures of starving babies, burned dogs, and people with horrible disfigurements are in poor taste, and very upsetting to some people. We know a good cause is usually involved, but use some discretion.”

“2. Hard sales: Not everyone is in the market for expensive makeup or real estate. Share something the whole class can enjoy.”

Click here to read the other 10 things you should never post on Facebook on

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