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10 Proven Tips To Get The Most Our Of Local Marketing

The internet is an amazing tool.

It allows us to move beyond the people in our cities and towns and reach people on the other side of the country… or world.

But reaching your local community should still be a top priority.

Check out this article called “How to Get the Most Out of Local Business Marketing. – 10 Proven Tips” by Rosalind Henshell and learn how to be more effective with your local marketing…


“Whatever the size of your business it’s likely that local customers and your local reputation are very important to you. Local marketing is no longer about leaflet drops and door knocking, the internet has opened many doors with many businesses yet to realize the potential that they can reach in their own area.”

“So how do you get the most out of your local area via the internet?”

“1. Optimise your site”

“It’s often the most basic or obvious steps where people can most easily go wrong and this is no exception. If you want to have your website picked up by people searching in your local area, then you need to add in location specific keywords. For example, if you are a plumber and will travel within a certain area, list the places you will travel to and make sure your site is correctly optimised for local business seo!”

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