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How To Start Killing It With Google+

Earlier this year, people were declaring the demise of Google+.

Well, recent reports reveal that Google+ is showing significant growth. 

This means you should still consider it as a social media tool for your small business.

Check out this article called “A Content Marketer’s Quick and Dirty Guide to Killing It with Google+” by Demian Farnworth and learn how to improve your Google+ results…


“I hate it when people make predictions about the outcomes of events with an air of certainty.”

“Stock market. Super Bowls. Weather.”

“Because when it comes to making predictions, our rate of success usually stinks.”

“This is why I was rolling my eyes when Brian Clark announced back in January that Google+ will become a tool in every content marketers’ toolbox.”

“Yeah, sure.”

“I have to confess: I wanted to see his prediction fall flat (I’m sadistic like that), because I just did NOT want to contend with another social media platform.”

“Well, after months of extensive research with clients I officially cry, “Uncle.” Google+, and Brian Clark by default, wins.”

“So, more than ever getting that Google+ account is critical for the content marketer–especially when it comes to driving traffic, subscribers and sales. But like most social media, having the account is not enough.”

“You have to optimize it if you want to kill it. Are you ready?”

Click here to continue reading and discover what to optimize on Google+ so you see better results on

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