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Silicon Valley Attracting Healthcare Startups

We’ve shared before about how Silicon Valley seems to be changing these days.

Well, it looks like there are some more changes taking place.

Check out this article called “Silicon Valley Health Startups Promise Enormous Payouts” by Major Tian and learn about this growing industry…


“It may not sound as flashy as social media, but healthcare is becoming a new star in Silicon Valley. Driven by the promise of enormous payouts, entrepreneurs are using the latest technology and design to help save lives, and make money.”

“‘It’s risky,’ said Nate Gross, co-founder of San Francisco, California-based Rock Health, an incubator for healthcare startups. ‘You have a few more cards stacked up against you.’ For example, Gross said, investors’ hesitancy is one of the setbacks. ‘It’s easier to understand a general tech product you can use than an app for cancer patients that you can’t use,’ he said, adding that making healthcare look ‘sexy’ is crucial for startups looking for funding.”

“Borna Safabakhsh is one entrepreneur who managed to do just that…”

Click here to continue reading and learn about Safabakhsh’s start up and the growing healthcare industry in Silicon Valley on


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