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How To Leverage The Next Generation Of Facebook Marketing For Your Advantage

Facebook always seems to be changing. Just when you get things done they mix things up again.

If you don’t know how to handle the changes it could stall out your Facebook marketing. But if you understand the benefits of the recent Facebook changes, then you can see better results.

Check out this article called “Organic content powering next generation of Facebook marketing” by Brafton Editorial Team and learn how to leverage the next generation of Facebook marketing for your advantage…


“Last week, eMarketer reported that 83 percent of American companies have made Facebook a part of their social media marketing strategy. As the platform evolves and more organizations gain experience with it, it’s critical for efforts on the site to change and integrate new features. In 2012, Facebook’s various paid marketing efforts have changed drastically from the usual display ads to focus on the promotion of organic site content shared on the platform.”

“Brafton highlighted some of these changes in a recent feature, the Top 10 Facebook Marketing Changes of 2012 … So Far. Each of these new capabilities allows marketers to highlight specific pieces of content their audiences will likely find most appealing. Whether it’s Sponsored Stories or Scheduled Posts, the focus has shifted from the separation of paid and organic marketing on Facebook to a unified strategy that requires high-quality original content.”

“Each of these new capabilities allows marketers to highlight specific pieces of content their audiences will likely find most appealing.”

“The issue, now, for many is developing a modern strategy for Facebook as social media marketing is moving to a new generation.”

Click here to continue reading and learn how site content (and visual content in particular) is the new focus of Facebook features on


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