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Silicon Valley’s Confusion About The TV Ad World

how tv ads have stumped silicon valley

Check out this post called “Why Is the TV Ad World So Hard for Silicon Valley to Understand?” by Dave Morgan and learn more about this problem…


“For decades, the TV industry has shown an uncanny ability to resist change, dodge disruptions and maintain its status quo position as the workhorse, show horse and year-over-year grand champion of the media industry.

“Over the past 15 or so years, the internet has grown to more than 25% of American’s media consumption, more than 15% of US marketers’ ad spend and created hundreds of billions of dollars in new commerce activity in the US. The newspaper industry has been decimated; same for the music industry; same for the book industry. Magazines are shells of their former selves. Radio is in the tank. Yellow page directories are largely gone. Print coupons and direct mail are on the watch list. Not TV.”

Click here to learn how TV has been able to withstand change and why Silicon Valley is so stumped about the TV Ad world on


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