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Here Are 5 Issues Small Business Owners Will Face In 2013


It’s a new year. That means their are new challenges and new opportunities.

Check out this article called “5 issues small-business owners will confront in 2013” by associated press and learn the top issues you will face this year…


“In 2013, small-business owners will contend with many of the same issues that made it hard to run their companies over the last 12 months.

“They’re also heading into the new year with a lot of uncertainty. It’s unlikely that negotiations in Congress will resolve all of lawmakers’ disagreements over tax and budget issues that affect small businesses. And there are still many questions about the implications of the health care law for small companies.

“Small businesses aren’t likely to get much encouragement from the economy. It’s expected to grow by no more than 3 percent in 2013, according to the Federal Reserve. That’s a moderate pace, better than the 1.7 percent that the economy grew during the first three quarters of 2012. But it’s also far from robust.”

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