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(Expert Feature) Lessons From “The Voice”: Does Your Business Have Any Personality?

A Lesson For You From “The Voice”

Last week, I watched NBC’s “The Voice”. business lessons from NBC's "the voice"

And as I watched, I was surprised by many of the performances. Some were really great and others not so much.

But I was blown over by Judith Hill’s performance of “What A Girl Wants“.

She was amazing. The judges thought so too.

By the end of her set, all four of the judges were fighting over her.

But the thing that made her performance even better was her amazing story.

Her story was presented by video just before she took the stage.

Her Mom is a pianist from Tokyo who met her Dad in a funk band in the 1970s. Judith is of both Japanese and African American.

Back in 2009, she was one of Michael Jackson’s back-up singers for his planned This Is It comeback tour. After Michael’s unexpected death,  she performed at his memorial service at the Staples Center in L.A.

When she took the stage I could feel the anticipation.

I wondered if she would live up to her story.

It didn’t take long for me to learn the answer.

By the time she finished the first sentence of the song, Usher and Adam Levine had already turned their chairs around.

After the four judges fought over her, she ended up picking Adam.

Why I am I telling you this story?


Do What NBC Does

Because there is very important business lesson for you.

But it’s NOT a lesson to learn from Judith Hill.

It’s a lesson you can learn from NBC.

The lesson is this: personality is attractive and powerful.

When personality is present, there is a strong interest in a person, product or place.

NBC knows the formula that all successful Contestant-Oriented Reality TV shows use.

It’s a formula that has been proven to draw in viewers and inspire them to root for and vote for the contestants.

It’s a formula you must know and harness in your business.


The Formula You Must Know And Harness

The Voice uses video interviews of the singers that they want you to connect with. In these videos they reveal the singer’s: personality, backstory, and even what they stand for.

By doing this, the viewers are already rooting for the performer before they even sing the first note.

It creates anticipation and causes you to have an emotional connection with that person.


  • Without those interviews, they would just be a no-name singer that you would have no emotional connection with.
  • Without the interviews, the performances would have less impact.
  • Without the interviews, you wouldn’t care about tuning in each week to see who has made it through to the next round.

They also use this technique with their judges.

They encourage them to show their personality. They show segments with them working with the different members of their team. They have the judges perform with the contestant.

All of these things cause us to love certain of the singers and dislike other singers. It causes us to really like some of the judges and to really be annoyed by others.

This might sound strange, but either of these choices are better for NBC, than for you to not care at all about the contestants or the judges.

That would be the worst thing for NBC.

If you could care less about the people on the show, then you’ll ignore it.

If you hate someone on The Voice, you’ll at least talk about it.


Love Or Hate You, But They Won’t Forget You

Now don’t misunderstand.

I am not telling you to do things that will get people to hate you.

But what I am telling you that you MUST reveal your personality, or the personality you want your business to personify.

You must reveal your personality and not worry about whether people will like it or not.

Many business owners are afraid to reveal personality.
They are afraid of offending someone.

Instead they choose to hide their unique personality and they do their best to be like all the other businesses in their category.

They basically choose to be generic.

When is the last time you were compelled to talk about something generic?

When was the last time you were emotionally engaged with a “me-too” business?


  • You must reveal personality.
  • You must reveal your (or your business) back-story.
  • You must reveal what you stand for… or what you don’t stand for.

Revealing personality is especially important when it comes to the content you create. 

It’s important for you for the same reason it is important to NBC.

If your content doesn’t have personality, then you will be ignored.

Without personality there is no attraction or power.


Your Only Choice

Your only choice is to stop being afraid.

Stop blending in.

Stop hiding who you are.


Who you are is one of your greatest assets in business. 
It is what makes you unique and different.

Start standing out.

Start using personality.

Share your or your product back-stories.

Stand for something.

If you do, you’ll attract people. They will become interested in you and what you offer.

People will root for your business. They’ll vote for you over your competitors.

They’ll anticipate great things from you and they’ll become emotionally connected to you.

Maybe you’ll even have people fighting over you.

Check out this video below to watch the judges fight over Judith Hill on the The Voice…


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4 Comments on (Expert Feature) Lessons From “The Voice”: Does Your Business Have Any Personality?

  1. Great post, Scott! Very applicable to telling your brand story and why engaging properly through social media is so important. Once people get to know you, they are also more receptive to what you do and what you may have to sell.

    The key, as you point out, is not being afraid to reveal yourself — an emotional attachment is priceless.

    • I totally agree with your statement, “Once people get to know you, they are also more receptive to what you do and what you may have to sell.”

      I think some of the businesses that do the best at revealing their business’ personality end up having the most loyal fans (think Harley Davidson and Apple).

      In fact, people love those brands and “personalities” so much they want to be identified with them!

      Thanks for your comment, Paul.

  2. Scott, Excellent angle on Judith and The Voice. Now you’ve got me interested in her since I’m half-Japanese. See, if I didn’t know that about her I wouldn’t be as interested. Your story is important! This is why small businesses often see in their Google Analytics that one of your most visited pages is your About Us page. In fact, I’d like to riff off of your post and carry it through to website marketing in my next post if that’s all right. You’ve struck a chord (pun intended).

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