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San Jose City Council Considers Unique Proposal To Attract Foot Traffic By Filling Vacant Storefronts

I’ve seen so many empty business buildings in the Bay Area – buildings that have sat empty for years. I’ve thought, “Man, that seems to be a waste of space!

Well, I am glad to hear that San Jose City Council is attempting to do something about this problem in their city.

Check out this article called “San Jose City Council will consider proposal to attract foot traffic by filling vacant storefronts” by Carol Rosen and learn about their unique proposal…

“When government and businesses work together to bring new foot traffic, jobs and renewed energy to downtown and neighborhood business districts, it could revitalize business districts suffering from the recession and reduce crime and blight.

“Several city council members are proposing to do just that. Sam Liccardo, Rose Herrera and Xavier Campos are recommending a pilot program that would lower square footage costs for vacant storefront properties in downtown and neighborhood districts, while the city would waive permit fees.

“The program would allow an assortment of entrepreneurs and small business owners to share space, with entrepreneurs working during the day and craft or other creative shops offering goods to shoppers in the late afternoons and evenings.

“Liccardo expects the city council to vote on the proposal during the current budget process, which extends into June. He suggests the city will have to set aside some general fund monies due to the loss of permit income.”

Click here to continue reading to learn more about how San Jose is planning to implement this one-year pilot program on

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