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Pintervention: The Pinterest Addiction Finally Exposed (Humor)

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Many business owners are still unclear on what Pinterest is or what all the fuss is about it.

Well, I have a fun way to help clarify things for you.

It’s a humorous article about one woman’s “addiction” to Pinterest, how her obsession grew, and why she finally had to give it up “cold turkey”.

Check out this article called “My Affair with Pinterest — and How I Ended it for the Best” by Julie Tilsner and discover through this funny take on Pinterest what the hype is all about.

(It might even help you to realize how/why you can utilize it in your business.)…


One writer fell hard for a world of pretty pictures and life-envy – until she realized it was time for a reality check.

First glance 

“It begins as love affairs typically do. You’re introduced innocently, through a friend. You’re not even interested because you’re not looking for more social media and besides, why pin pictures of things on the Internet? 

“One night when the kids are down, and the hubs is out with his boys, you pour a glass of wine and decide to check this Pinterest thing out. What’s all the buzz about? 

“You create an account and are immediately accosted by a tidal wave of images. Suddenly, you spy the cutest pair of red pumps. And then a living room painted a color that makes you gasp out loud. And that bedroom, with those windows! And apricot rice pudding popsicles, really?

“You invite your friends to ‘follow’ you, and are delighted when they all quickly respond by ‘re-pinning’ your first tentative pins. It’s like girl’s night out right here in front of your laptop! 

“When your husband comes home at 11, you’re still staring at the computer. You haven’t even refilled your wine glass.”

Click here to continue reading and see how her Pinterest addiction escalates until she finally must end it on


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