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Do You Know These 8 Quick Tricks to Get More Clicks, Calls & Mailed-in Responses?

If you aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for in your marketing, then you might want to consider improving your CTAs (call-to-action.).

Whether you’re want your prospects to order online, sign-up for your newsletter, or call a certain number, the key is having the right call-to-action.

Check out this post called “8 Quick Tricks to Get More Clicks, Calls & Mailed-in Responses” by Pat Friesen to discover some great tips to improving your calls to action…

how to improve your calls-to-action

“During last month’s Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk, we talked about the goal of response being the common denominator for cross-channel marketing messages. This includes both copy and content. Digital media has given new importance to what’s long been key to writing successful direct mail: The call to action (CTA)! 

“If your CTA doesn’t tell your reader what you want him to do, how to do it and why he should, your response is minimized. Here are some quick tricks for a stronger CTA:

“1. Make it easy. Don’t make your reader search for a way to respond. Make buttons pop and links stand out. Put your direct mail CTA in a hot spot on every component. Make sure your phone number and URL are in large type where they’re easy to find the first time and easy to refer back to later. “

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