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Copywriting, The Epic Faceoff: Hype VS No-Hype (INFOGRAPHIC)

I have studied copywriting for many years – probably 14 years.

I’ve read most of the classic books on copywriting.

I studied just about all of the early internet marketers.

I’ve studied the latest online marketers.

And I will say this. 

The basic ideas and rules of copywriting still apply.

But the implementation of those rules have morphed and changed over the years.

Hype used to be effective and attractive.

(I’ll confess. I am sorry to say that in the early days I gave in and used it in my early marketing.)

But today, hype filled copy is an instant turn-off.

Check out this infographic that answers the question “Hype or No-Hype?

NOTE: To make the image larger just takes 2 clicks.
1) Click on the image. You’ll then see the infographic on a separate page by itself.
2) Click it one more time and you should be able to see the full-sized version.

copywriting - hype or no hype infographic


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