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2 Filmmakers Will Travel Over 7,000 Miles To Tell Stories Of U.S. Small Business Owners

We always tell you that content marketing is a great way to reach prospects these days.

But as you create content there are three things to keep in mind:


  1. How to be creative in how you create the content
  2. What the content will be about
  3. And how you will get exposure for your content

If you want a great example of a business thinking out the box with their content marketing, then check out this story below.

It features the creative way that Spark Business from Capital One decided to do these three things…



MCLEAN, Va.–()–Award-winning independent director and capital one content marketing trip across u.s.producer, Trish Dalton and editor and cinematographer, John Sears, will be setting out on a 10-week journey across the country to explore the true fabric of America’s economy – small businesses.

Their journey is sponsored by Spark Business from Capital One. The “I Am Small Business Proud” campaign will shine a spotlight on the backbone of this country’s economy.

“This is a great way for us to capture a true representation of small business owners and celebrate what they do every single day.”

The two filmmakers left from New York City on April 3, and over the course of the next 10 weeks will travel more than 7,000 miles to over 35 cities, gathering exclusive content and insights into the lives of small business owners, from the shores of New Jersey to downtown Los Angeles.

Cities on the “I Am Small Business Tour’ include Philadelphia, Richmond (VA), Atlanta, New Orleans, Nashville, Austin, Denver, Seattle and Los Angeles.

“As small business owners ourselves, we’re looking forward to gaining even more knowledge of what makes a small business run and we can’t wait to share the stories and diversity of these small business owners across America,” said Trish Dalton. “John and I will be talking to many owners, learning more about their passions, challenges and successes.”

As a leading financial resource for small businesses, we understand the value of getting close to our customers,” said Buck Stinson, Senior Vice President for Spark. “This is a great way for us to capture a true representation of small business owners and celebrate what they do every single day.”

The authentic, inspiring and entertaining stories gathered throughout the journey will be shared via social media and a new website

You can also follow Trish and John’s voyage at @CAPITALONESPARK or through the hashtag #SmallBizProud.

I hope you check out the stories that Trish and John cover on their journey, but I also hope you think about how you could use Spark Business from Capital One’s idea and do something similar – even on a small scale – for your own business and prospects.

Post any ideas you have in the comments below!


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