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Benjamin Franklin: History’s First Content Marketer?

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was the first person we have on record to create a personal time management system?

He created a system for what he called the pursuit of “Order.” 

Well, due to a discovery I recently made, he might have also been the first (or one of the first) content marketers in history.

Check out my post called “4 Illuminating Lessons From One of History’s Most Inventive Content Marketers” to learn more…

benjamin franklin the first content marketer

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“It wasn’t a discovery I was intending to make.

“But there it was: the oldest example of content marketing known to exist.

“And the best thing about this discovery was that it wasn’t just interesting from a historical viewpoint. It also reveals some important content marketing lessons that need to be applied today, more than ever before.

“Let me explain how it happened:

“I had come across an old digital version of a book from 1918 called, Field of Advertising. It wasn’t the most exciting book I ever found, so I wasn’t intending to discover anything important. I was reading it more out of curiosity than anything else.

“And that’s when I made my accidental discovery.”

Click here to read the discover I made and learn the four lessons on
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