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Will New Facebook Rules Limit Your Business’ Free Promotional Posts?

Facebook put up a blog post on November 14, 2014 that some say will have a negative impact on businesses who have Facebook pages.

Check out this article called “New Facebook Rules Will Sting Entrepreneurs” from Wall Street Journal by Angus Loten that will explain more…

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“Chrisy Bossie built a $100,000-a-year gemstone e-commerce business by sharing information about her products on her company’s Facebook page several times a week.

“’Steals in the Shop! I have a TON of new 36-inch-long necklaces, most priced at $15, available in amethyst, lapis, watermelon tourmaline, turquoise…. Shop them all here,’ she wrote in a recent marketing post on a Facebook page for Earthegy, the business she runs from her home in rural Kent Store, Va. She also included photos and links to the products, hoping the business’s 70,000 Facebook fans would share the posts with their own Facebook friends.

“But small-business owners like Ms. Bossie will soon get less benefit from the unpaid marketing pitches they post on Facebook. That’s because, as of mid-January, the social network will intensify its efforts to filter out unpaid promotional material in user news feeds that businesses have posted as status updates.”

Click here to continue reading and learn more about how facebook will limit your page posts that promote your business on…


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  1. I guess I will soon find out. I keep my sharing posts from my Facebook business page non business. These posts show my business page because I share them from business page.

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