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Featured #Podcast: Freakanomics – How a Restaurant Eliminated Tips, Increased Prices, and Redistributed the Wealth

This section of our site called “Featured Podcast of the Week”  will now simply be called “Featured Podcast”.

Why? Because we don’t always post and new podcast each week! 🙂

What is the purpose of this section of our site?

With so many podcasts that are out there these days, I thought I’d make it easier for you to find great content by featuring an episode from many of the great podcasts out there.

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The podcast for today isFreakanomics Radio.

Here’s the Description of  the “Freakanomics Radio” Podcast


Freakonomics Radio began in 2010. Among our most popular episodes to date:Do More Expensive Wines Taste Better?,” “Is College Really Worth It?,” andHow Much Does the President of the U.S. Really Matter?You can subscribe via iTunes (where Freakonomics Radio occasionally hits the No. 1 ranking) or read our podcast user’s guide for people who don’t use iTunes or an iPhone.

Here is their Description of This Episode: “The No-Tipping Point”

Our latest Freakonomics Radio episode is called “The No-Tipping Point.” (You can subscribe to the podcast at iTunes or elsewhere, get the RSS feed, or listen via the media player above.)

The restaurant business model is warped: kitchen wages are too low to hire cooks, while diners are put in charge of paying the waitstaff. So what happens if you eliminate tipping, raise menu prices, and redistribute the wealth? New York restaurant maverick Danny Meyer is about to find out.

Why you will want to listen:

  • You’ll learn the little-known economics of restaurants and why many chefs are leaving the industry
  • You’ll see why tipping is bad for business and why it’s bad for the staff
  • Why the owner of this high-end restaurant decided to make this bold move and changes things so drastically
  • You’ll hear about the amazing results that happened when he did
  • You’ll discover lessons you can apply to your restaurant (or any business)
  • And more

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