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Our Top 10 Posts for 2016

This will be our last post for 2016.

It features our top posts from 2016 and it gives you a great list of some interesting and helpful posts that can prepare you to get the most out of 2017!

(NOTE: Our next post won’t be until Monday, January 2nd.)

10. BBH Feature: How to Get Reviews on Google My Business by Thomas Petty

9. Costco is Making Millions from People Addicted to Their Store

customers are addicted to costco

8. These Job Titles Didn’t Exist 8 Years Ago (INFOGRAPHIC)

7. BBH Feature: How to Easily Capture Offline Leads into Your Online Marketing Systems by Thomas Petty

If you’re using offline marketing to generate leads, you need to get visitors to your online systems easily and quickly. Use QR codes to get people to your lead magnets quickly without the visitor having to type anything into their phone.

6. How Much You Need to Make To Own a Home in 27 Cities in U.S. (INFOGRAPHIC)

how much does it cost to own a home around the u.s.

5. BBH Feature: Here’s a Vital “Computer Setup Checklist” for your New PC by Melanie Yunk

4. Do You Realize How Good Stephen Curry Is Right Now? Animated Steph Curry Stats (VIDEO)

stephen curry statistics

3. BBH Feature: Achievemephobia: What If Failure Isn’t the Thing You’re Really Afraid Of? by Scott Aughtmon

fear of success, what is the fear of success

2. BBH Feature: Getting Found Online: Is SEO Still King? by Thomas Petty


is seo still the best way to be found online

Is search engine optimization still the best way to get found online by your customers who are already looking for you?

1. BBH Feature: 4 Ways to Generate Leads That You May Not Have Thought Of by Thomas Petty

How to get more leads for your business

Congratulations to Thomas Petty for getting the #1 slot!

Check out Tom’s website and learn more about how he can help you and your business.

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