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The 7 Reasons You Need To Use Storytelling For Your Branded Content

The importance of storytelling and branded content

We’ve discussed the power and importance of content marketing here before.  

Part of that content marketing needs to contains stories – especially your core story.

Check out this post called “7 Reasons Storytelling Is Important For Branded Content” by Jon Thomas and learn how to harness the power of stories…


“Gutenberg invented the printing press around 1440.
The first radio transmissions were in the early 1900s.
The television became commercially available less than a century ago. 
The Internet is not even old enough to have a drink (legally; at least not in the United States).
Facebook and Twitter are just out of diapers, and the next big marketing tool is still in the womb or possibly just a twinkle in its creator’s eye. “

“When most people think about marketing, these are the tools they think of: print, radio, TV and the web. None of these, however, are ingrained in us as much as storytelling. We’ve been telling stories for thousands of years, but we don’t have to go back that far to understand storytelling’s powerful effect on our hearts and minds.”

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