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How To Build A Local Online Marketing Treasure Map To Guide Prospects To Your Business

You’ve heard us mention the need for local marketing before and today we want to give you more ideas for how to do that.

Check out this post called “Build Your Own Local Online Marketing Treasure Map” by Jaime Romero to see how to create a path prospects can follow to the treasure you offer them…


“In many conversations I’ve had with business owners, often times they they describe their marketing efforts as a series of one-off tactics and measure the value based on the success or failure of that tactic. You’ve heard it before – I tried Google Advertising, Groupon, or SEO (search engine optimization), and didn’t get much out of it. Below I hope to convey the importance of looking at your marketing holistically, and how a series of thought out and well timed tactics actually work together and contribute to the overall purchase decision.”

“When a local business thinks about local online marketing, it might be helpful to think about your local online marketing footprint as if it were a treasure map your prospective customer is actually holding in their hand (likely an iPhone or Android device). The spot, you might know it as X, is where you want them to end up, where you’ve hidden your treasure. Whether you are a restaurant preparing your New Year’s Eve event, offering a new class at your fitness center, or have a popular children’s author at your bookstore, getting to the treasure requires prospective customers to navigate endless online distractions and dangers, while being guided to their ultimate reward, you.”

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