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Why Your Content Marketing Goals Needs To Move Beyond Engagement

content marketing and engagement

If you’re a regular here, then you know the importance of content marketing.

You know that it can gain you attention in a crowded market. It can establish your expertise and more. 

But there is something else you should understand about content marketing.

Check out this post called “The Most Powerful Content Marketing Lesson Learned (That Nobody Is Talking About)” by Jeff Molander and learn why your content marketing goal needs to be more than just engagement


“In the last few years, of what’s being called online content marketing, what have we learned? When all the blogs, whitepapers, ebooks, podcasts and YouTube videos have been produced, what can we say we learned, took action on and improved?

“The single most important lesson learned for me, and in my research, has been how engaging customers should never be the goal. Instead, engagement is the starting point. It’s an open door to get customers to respond to you, your brand.

“Engagement has so many of us so wrapped up that we’re failing to realize a key point: Engaging is merely a chance to enter into a journey with a prospect; a trip toward whatever it is they need, desire, hope for or need to avoid.”

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