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The Content Marketing Trends To Keep Your Eye On In 2014

Content marketing will continue to be an important tool for you to use in 2014, but you need to know how it is changing in 2014.

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content marketing in 2014

Content Marketing Trends for 2014

“Content marketing has been one of the most important tools used by website owners and companies for online marketing over the past several years. In 2014, it will become even more important than ever, with many powerful options available to the savvy marketer. Harnessing the power of words, images and video will be essential for building long term success for any business with an online presence.

Relationship Building

“Unlike most marketing efforts, content marketing isn’t primarily about driving sales (though that is certainly going to happen with effective content marketing.) The first goal of all content should be to create a relationship with customers. This is best done by engaging with them in a variety of different locations, using the most effective methods possible.”

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