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Featured #Podcast of the Week: “I Love Marketing” – How To Re-Energize Your Life, Become More Focused and Productive with David Bach

This section of our site is called “Featured Podcast of the Week”.

With so many podcasts that are out there these days, I thought I’d make it easier for you to find great content by featuring an episode from many of the great podcasts out there.

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The podcast for today is

I’ve share about this podcast before and it’s one of my favorites. Today’s episode will show you why…

Here’s the Description of the “I Love Marketing” Podcast


I Love Marketing is an ever expanding world-wide community of people that love marketing and want to keep innovating and learning. This podcast is for Entrepreneurs, small business owners or even start-ups that want inspiration and ACTIONABLE marketing strategies about direct mail ideas, lead generation, lead conversion, getting referrals, email marketing and more. Joe and Dean also discuss psychology, books, people and productivity delivered every Monday to help jump start your week!

Here is their Description of This Episode: “How To Re-Energize Your Life, Become More Focused and Productive with David Bach”

9 Time New York Times Best-Selling Author David Bach has helped millions of people around the world take action to live and finish rich.

He is one of the most popular and prolific financial authors of our time with eleven national bestsellers, including nine consecutive New York Times bestsellers and two consecutive #1 New York Times bestsellers, Start Late, Finish Rich and The Automatic Millionaire as well as Smart Women Finish Rich, Smart Couples Finish Rich, Start Over, Finish Rich, Fight for Your Money, Go Green, Live Rich, Debt Free for Life, The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner, The Finish Rich Workbook, and The Automatic Millionaire Workbook.

David carries the unique distinction of having had four of his books appear simultaneously on The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and USA Today bestseller lists. In all, his FinishRich Books have been published in more than 18 languages, with more than seven million copies in print worldwide.

Why you will want to listen to it:

Here’s why I think you’ll want to listen to this episode…

  • David gives you his best thinking on entrepreneurial perseverance, passion and purpose
  • You’ll learn how he used marketing to make his books best-sellers
  • Secrets for transforming almost any failure into your next big breakthrough
  • Joe, Dean and David discuss the truth about becoming an overnight success
  • Why saying ‘No’ can help you become more productive, focused and fulfilled
  • Three timeless strategies for being smarter with your money and enjoying your life more
  • What David discovered on his one year sabbatical and what you can do to re-energize your life
  • How to free yourself financially, invest time with the people you love and live your best life
  • And more


They mention Eastern meditation on this podcast. I personally wouldn’t advise you to do that. I’d instead encourage you to use “Hebrew Meditation” that the ancients Jews used instead. (*If you want to know more about this, then contact me.)


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